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Dear Parents,
Below is a letter you may have received regarding tomorrow’s bake sale.  I will be in the elementary cafeteria tomorrow, Thursday, during your child’s lunch time and will be happy to assist with the bake sale.  Please feel free to send 5 rmb with your child tomorrow to purchase a treat at the bake sale.  If possible, please attach your child’s name to the 5 rmb. Thanks for your support.
Hello ES Parents,

Please note, the ES bake sale (hosted by 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades) scheduled for next Monday, November 25th has been cancelled due to the bake sale this Thursday for Typhoon Haiyan Relief. We will re-schedule this bake sale for next May.

Typhoon Haiyan Relief Bake Sale This Thursday!
Let’s put our mission into action and roll up our sleeves.  If we join the efforts of all divisions, imagine the amount of help we can provide to the victims.

SAS has been in contact with two organizations that are already established in the Philippines – UNICEF Philippines and the ABS-CBN Foundation (already supported by our APAC partner, Brent International School Manila).  SAS will equally divide all money collected and wire transfer to these organizations as soon as possible.

Please send in a baked good (no nuts) with your student this Thursday, November 21st (or bring it yourself when you come for the PTSA meeting and Winter Bazaar).  There will be volunteers to collect the baked goods at the front of the school outside the buses Thursday morning.

And don’t forget to please send in 5 RMB with your student to buy a special treat!

There will also be donation boxes at each divisional office if you care to make a donation.

Thank you!

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Keyboarding is an important skill.  Her are some games to help the 1st graders learn where the keys are on the keyboard. Enjoy!

Super Hyper Spyder Typer

Cup Stacking

Type Rocket

Keyboard Game

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.32.07 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.34.50 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.37.42 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 9.40.27 AM

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Grade One’s International Cookbooks are here! They were passed out to students this afternoon. Thank you to everyone who submitted a recipe. The book truly is an international cookbook. Enjoy!

1 BE’s thoughts are with two of our classmates who are absent this week. River is recovering from eye surgery and Navade is with his family in the states as they mourn the passing of his beloved grandfather. Our thoughts are with River and Navade each and every day.

It was fabulous seeing everyone dressed in blue yesterday to honor World Diabetes Day.

This week in Readers Workshop, the students learned how to select “Just Right” books. We compared it to riding a bicycle. Books that are too difficult are like riding a bike uphill. Books that are too easy are like riding a bike downhill. Books that are just right are like riding a bike on level ground. There may be a few challenging words but not too many. And, the reader understands the author’s message in just right books.

The students love our new Persuasive Writing unit in Writers Workshop. The students are motivated to give reasons why they selected what they did as “The Best” in their collection. Later in the week, the students wrote a counter opinion to what they thought was the best in a classmate’s collection. The students are inspired to continue writing and truly don’t want to stop.

Unit 3’s Math Test was taken on Tuesday. The students’ stamina for taking the test was admirable and they did well. Thursday, we started Unit 4 with lessons on measurement. The students learned about thermometers and measuring with both standard and nonstandard tools. A Family Letter about Unit 4 was sent home Thursday.

On Wednesday, 1 BE concluded our Social Studies unit, “Who Am I”. Each student was able to make a Thinking Map of groups they belong to. This week we kicked off our new unit, “Needs and Wants”. This unit connects well with the American Thanksgiving holiday and upcoming winter holidays.

Please note the following dates:

Friday, Nov 22 – The Giving Tree Donation deadline
Thursday, Nov 28 – Reports cards sent home via PowerSchool
Friday, Nov 29 – American Thanksgiving Celebrated (no school)
Thursday, Dec 5, 10:30 – Music Concert
Tuesday, Dec 10, 8:30 to 9:10 – First Grade Field Trip to Li Min migrant school
Wednesday, Dec 11 – First Grade Holiday Party

Parents, please read the message below regarding The Giving Tree. Have a great weekend!

Hello, everyone! We are Heidi and Helen from the High School Giving Tree Club, and this year, we are currently conducting the annual gift-giving project (known as Giving Tree) to children from a migrant school in need. Identified by the Community Center as a “high need” school, Haining Friendship School is located in Zhejiang Province and consists of 360 students to whom we will be donating Christmas gift bags. This is a wonderful opportunity for SAS students to demonstrate their compassion and care, both fundamental parts of the SAS mission statement. In order to fill these bags with wonderful gifts such as toys, uniforms, and school supplies, we would highly appreciate your donation of 250 RMB for each child you wish to sponsor. Envelopes with information have been sent home to the youngest child of your family, and we ask that you take a look and consider helping us promote this wonderful project. The donation deadline has been extended to November 22nd, so make sure to get your donations in! Help us bring joy not only to the children at Haining Friendship School, but also to SAS for this bright holiday season!

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It is always delightful to sit with parents and discuss a love we share – their child. It was even more meaningful having the child with us. Thank you, parents, for coming to school and engaging in our Student Involved Parent Teacher Conferences.

Last week, we started our new Homework Menu for November and December. Last Thursday, everyone turned it in on time! Please note, 1 BE’s homework is sent home every Monday and Wednesday. The selected activity should only take approximately 10 minutes. In addition, the students are to read 10 minutes every night, Monday through Thursday.

The students love our new Persuasive Writing Unit in Writers Workshop. They lined up their collections and selected the best. Now they are writing sentences that give reasons why it is the best.

Next week in Readers Workshop, we will learn how to select Just Right books. This will be a fun learning experience.

In math, we learned how to work with Arrows and Frames when counting forward and backward. We also learned the value of the dime and adding on with calculators. We will take the unit 3 math test next week.

We made a Thinking Tree Map in social studies from the Student Surveys parents and students wrote at home. It is amazing to see the rich diversity of where the 12 students in 1 BE were born, have lived and the languages spoken at home. 1 BE is truly international.

Please note the upcoming dates:

Thursday, November 28th – Reports cards sent home via PowerSchool
Friday, Nov 29 – American Thanksgiving Celebrated (no school)
Thursday, Dec 5, 10:30 – Music Concert
Wednesday, Dec 11 – First Grade Holiday Party

I hope you and your child are able to enjoy the lovely November weather in Shanghai.

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Today was Boo-tiful with all of the students dressed in their Halloween costumes. Our Halloween Party was absolutely fabulous! The students loved all of the edible treats and doing the fun activities. Thank you, parents, for all of your support with our Halloween party. Photos of the students will be posted on the blog as soon as possible.

Tomorrow afternoon, Friday, we will have a Writers Celebration with all three first grade classes gathering in the library. The students will read a favorite Small Moment story to each other in small groups.

Next week we will begin a new unit of study in Opinion Writing. First grade students will be writing reviews. They will be stating their opinions and giving evidence for their judgements. We will also be writing counter arguments, while working on raising the level of our daily writing.

To begin this unit your child will need to bring in a small collection. It could be a few stickers, candy wrappers, lego guys, hair bands, or anything else that your child is interested in. We will begin by forming our opinions about which is best in our collections and why.

Please have your child bring their collection to school in a small zip-lock bag or shoe box to begin our unit on Monday, Nov 4th. Five or 6 items of the collection are plenty.

Yesterday, in math, we celebrated our 50th Day of School! Throughout the week, we continued to work with odd and even numbers, skip counting by 2, 5 and 10 and using number grids and number lines to count up and back.

In social studies, we made self portraits and drew a friend’s face then we compared how we are alike and different. We will continue our unit “Who Am I” next week.

Please note the upcoming dates on your calendars:

. November 4 – 8, A Book Fair in the library, books will be for sale

. November 7, Thursday – Student Led Conferences after school

. November 8, Friday – Student Led Conferences, no regular school

. November 15, Friday – End of Elementary School first Trimester

. November 29, Friday – American Thanksgiving Celebrated, no school

May the new month of November bring you and your family happiness.

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Today’s United Nations Day Celebration was fun, festive and meaningful. Students had fun seeing and tasting foods from many different countries and seeing the flags they decorated. Thank you to everyone for helping make this a success. The food was amazing and enjoyed by everyone. Photos will be posted as soon as possible.

In Readers Workshop students realize readers are brave and resourceful when they encounter hard words.  They know many different tools they can use to figure out hard words. The students enjoy reading silently, with a partner and with Mrs. Erickson.

In Writers Workshop students continue to “zoom in” on small moments that happen in their lives.  They enjoy reading their stories to each other and Mrs. Erickson.  This afternoon, many students wrote about a small moment from today’s UN Day Celebration.

In Social Studies, we continue to read and learn from our unit, “Who Am I?”   Circle Maps were written in 1 BE to tell “Who I Am” and what groups we belong to. The Bubble Map is used for describing. Today, we made a bubble map to describe ourselves.

Next week will definitely be filled with fun and excitement. The week begins with author Sarah Brennan making a return visit to SAS. Please check out Sarah Brennan’s website:

She is an amazing author who knows how to inspire and motivate students to love reading and writing.

On Thursday, we will celebrate Halloween.  Parents are welcome to come to school and enjoy the SAS Halloween Parade. After the parade, students will go to the PAC and walk on stage for others to admire their costumes.  Our class Halloween Party will begin approximately 9:30.

Please note the following dates:

. October 28, Monday – Visiting Author, Sarah Brennan, speaks to First Grade, 8:15 to 9:15

. October 31, Thursday  - Halloween!  Parade begins approximately 8:30

. Noveember 7, Thursday  - Student Led Conferences after school

. November 8, Friday  - Student Led Conferences, no regularly school

. November  15, Friday – End of Elementary School first Trimester

. November 29, Friday  - American Thanksgiving Celebrated, no school

Have a Bootiful last week in October!