Grade 10 Chemistry

UPDATE MONDAY OCT 14: The schedule has changed a little as a result of the typhoon day. We have decided to eliminate the test on Periodic table and have now moved on to the unit on Chemical bonding.This unit is organized as a Layered Curriculum unit, where students have some choice about how they learn and also the level of difficulty in their learning. For some students, learning the basics of bonding will be challenging whilst other students will be wanting to extent their learning to a more advanced level.Homework for the unit is for students to move forward with their learning on bonding ( using the Layered Curriculum handout) and to complete the Webassign quizzes on Bonding.

Grade 10 chemistry have a class moodle site where documents, videos, presentations and some formative quizzes are located. We will use an online homework service in this course called Webassign. It is linked to the student textbook and enables students to work on problems, get immediate feedback and try again after doing some re -learning. They can do this at home or at school or anywhere there is an internet connection.

Two useful documents are attached below: The Course Outline which details assessment and learning outcomes for the course, and a draft schedule of lessons and tests. This is necessarily a draft as circumstances can and often do require a change in schedule as the year progresses.

Use this link to access the course outline: Course_outline_Grade_10_Chemistry

Use this link to a schedule of tests for this course :  Grade 10 Chemistry Test Schedule