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SSIS Suzhou Track and Field meet April 19th

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Please click on the links below.

Bus schedule SSIS-sz April 19

CISSA Schedule of Events

SSIS Suzhou school map

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Floor Hockey Tournament coming up Jan. 18th

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Please remember to bring an extra shirt to the tournament because your coaches will be collecting your jersey.

Senior teams will be at SAS Pudong
Bus Schedule SAS Pudong Senior Floor Hockey Tournament Sheet1
CISSA SAS PD Senior Floor Hockey Tournament 2014 Sheet1
Floor Hockey Tournament Information for Coaches

Junior teams will be at SSIS Shanghai Minhang campus
Bus schedule CISSA Junior Floor Hockey SSIS Shanghai Sheet1
CISSA Junior Floor Hockey Event
SSIS MinHangCampusMap

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Table Tennis Tournament tomorrow

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Junior Boys are at LFS Puxi – French School
Here is the bus schedule and information
LFS table tennis bus schedule 6 grade boys Sheet1

Senior Boys are at SAS Puxi
Here is the bus schedule and information
SAS PX table tennis tournament bus schedule Sheet1
2013 TT Invitation

Junior and Senior Girls are at SAS Pudong
Here is the bus schedule and information
updated SAS PD bus stop table tennis tournament Sheet1
SAS PD Jrs and Srs Girls Table Tennis info for coaches

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Badminton and volleyball registration start today on powerschool. Don’t delay register now.
Badminton starts the week of Jan. 20th. Girls will practice on Monday and Thursday and boys will practice on Tuesday and Friday.
Badminton sign-ups will be limited this year because we only have so many available courts. First come, first serve.
Volleyball starts the week of Jan. 27th. Girls will practice on Monday and have games on Thursday.
Boys will practice on Friday and have games on Tuesday.

There are 2 more weeks of floor hockey before the final tournament Jan.18th.

The table tennis tournament will be on Saturday, Jan. 11th. Below are the students registered for this tournament. If your name is not listed below please talk to Mr. Regan ASAP.
Wing Kiu
Sophia Ling
Margaret Manning
Yun Kei
Isabelle Lui
Adeena Liang
Tommy Shao
Michael Liang
Thomas Tang
Keving Xu
Brian Zhang
Martin Murphy
Jac Chung
David Cao
Michael Cao
Neal Lim

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Table Tennis Tournament is cancelled tomorrow

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All the CISSA table tennis tournaments have been cancelled tomorrow due to the
high air quality index. Stay inside as much as you can until this bad air passes.

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Floor Hockey Schedule, Rosters and Rules

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Please double click on the links below:

Floor Hockey Team rosters 2013
CISSA Floor Hockey Rules

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Soccer tournament updated (Pollution index)

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Dear parents and students,

There are six different schools that are hosting CISSA soccer tournaments tomorrow all over Shanghai and in Suzhou.
It has been communicated to all the teams that the players are expected to still travel to their soccer tournaments even if the pollution index is high.
Before the tournament starts, all the coaches will have a meeting to discuss if the tournament schedule will need to be modified or if
games will need to be cancelled because the pollution index is too high.

Even if the pollution index is high please still go to the tournament and wait for further instructions from the coaches.
A lot of teams are relying on us to show up with full teams to have a fun day.

Here are our CISSA rules for the pollution index.

Anything above 201 PM2.5 = modified games. 250 and above the tournament will be cancelled.
On the actual tournament day the pollution index will be discussed at the coaches meeting.
Know that each school will be using the pollution monitor closes to their school.
So if its over 200 at your house, there is a chance it might be lower at the tournament.

Here are some examples of how the games are modified:
Divide the game time into more breaks.
Sub more often.
Provide indoor rest area…..
If you have any problems with the buses tomorrow please contact the transportation office first and then myself.
Transportation: Gary: 13585921087, Henry 13817806990, transportation hotline: 15800582141

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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CISSA Soccer Cross River Event Tournaments

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6th grade boys – Shanghai American Shanghai, Puxi Campus.
Bus pick-up times for 6th grade boys soccer tournament SAS PX Sheet1
CISSA Jr Boys CRE Tournament Schedule 2013
CISSA Junior boys CRE Coach Info 2013

6th grade girls – British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus.
Bus pick-up times 6th grade girls soccer tournament at BISS PX Sheet1
CISSA Junior girls footie CRE Schedule at BISS px

C2 boys – Shanghai American School, Pudong Campus.
Bus pick-up times SAS PD C2 Boys Tournament Sheet1
C2 Boys Soccer Tournament 2013 Information
C2 Boys Soccer Tournament SAS Pudong

C2 girls – Western Internatinoal School Shanghai.
C2 girls soccer tournament schedule at WISS Sheet1
Bus pick-up times for C2 girls soccer tournament at WISS Sheet1

C1 boys – Suzhou Singapore International School.
Bus pick-up times C1 boys soccer tournament SSIS SZ
C1 Boys Schedule
SSIS Suzhou school map

C1 girls – Dulwich College Shanghai.
Bus pick-up times C1 girls soccer tournament DCS Sheet1
C1 Girls Football CRE Nov 16, 2013
C1 Girls Football Tournament Schedule

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Floor hockey and table tennis registration on powerschool closes on Nov. 12th at 5PM.
Please do not wait until the last minute to register.
MUN students can register for any CISSA sport as long as they can make the two contacts per week.
MUN students must communicate to Mr. Regan BEFORE the season starts if they can not participate in the end of the season tournament because of the MUN conference. Any student that does not communicate with Mr. Regan before the start of the season and then has to miss because of a MUN conference, swim meet…… will not be able to participate in the next CISSA sport he or she would like to participate in.

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CRE SSIS Suzhou Cross Country Meet Oct. 19th

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Please bring lunch, snack and a water bottle because it will be a long day.
Jerseys will be distributed by your coaches at SSIS.
The buses will leave around 12:30PM to come back to Shanghai

Bus form:
SSIS Suzhou updated bus schedule Sheet1

Information for the meet:
SSIS Suzhou cross country meet info

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