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Student Friendly Six Traits Writing Rubric:

Student Friendly Six Traits Rubric

Six Traits Rubric:








Sentence Fluency:


A writer thinks about these specific sub-skills when working on the trait of sentence fluency during the writing process:

  • A variety of sentence beginnings are used
  • A variety of sentence lengths are used
  • Complex and simple sentences are used to promote rhythm in the language
  • A variety of transitions are used
  • When reading the writing aloud, the sentences sound natural

Click Sentence Fluency Info Sheet and Rubric for an information sheet on Sentence Fluency.

Types of Sentences Web Lesson

Click here to review sentence structure.

Click here to practice identifying types of sentences.  Check out this one and this one on Quia.

Click here to practice identifying fragments.

Click here to fix run-on sentences.

Click here to practice identifying subjects and verbs.

Click here to practice identifying the 4 kinds of sentences.

Word Choice:


This is where the writer creates a mental picture for the reader
by using words that are specific and accurate.

  • The writer uses strong action verbs whenever possible to give the writing energy.
  • The adjectives are as descriptive as possible.
  • The nouns are specific, not general.
  • Striking words and phrases catch the reader’s eye, but the language is natural and not overdone.
  • Slang and clichés are used sparingly, if at all.  The writing is fresh and appealing.

Here is a description of Word Choice. Word Choice info. sheet



You’ve finished your first draft.  Now it is time to start editing for conventions.  These include spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization and paragraphing.  Proper use of conventions make your story easy for others to read.

Click here to work on capitalization and end punctuation.