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How many of these have YOU seen 5KP?

Hi 5KP, I missed you today as I worked hard to build an elementary schedule for next year that you won’t be around to enjoy… sob sob! I heard from Mr. B that you had a productive day and enjoyed working together on Lego, Reader’s Theater and Math.

Some dates to note for the next week are:

5 day holiday coming up!

and did I mention

5 day holiday coming up!

I will set some tasks to complete on the blog and you can spend some time reading checking those out and also studying for your math test…

What was that? Did I just say math test? Yes my dears, it will be held on Wednesday and you will do well if you concentrate on the remaining lessons this week and spend some time revising your journal and study links over the May Holiday.

The following concepts and skills will be assessed:

*solve two-step pan-balance problems
*write algebraic expressions to represent situations
*represent rate problems as formulas, tables and graphs
*use formulas to find circumference and area of a circle
*distinguish between circumference and area of a circle
*solve one-step pan-balance problems
*interpret mystery line plots and graphs

Picture 2

Community Yard Sale Coming Up

This is a greeting from the HS Roots & Shoots and Children’s Home Club. As you might have heard, the 3rd annual yard sale will take place soon, and we are so excited! On Friday May 7 from 9:00-3:00, a variety of items will be sold on the second floor of the HS cafeteria.  This event is open to all members of the SAS community: guards, cleaners, cafeteria staff, bus monitors, parents, students and teachers. Come to find some bargains!

As in the past, gently used items will be collected for the yard sale: clothes, shoes, electronics, small appliances, books, toys. For furniture or other items too large to bring to school, we can post a photo. This year, we hope that everybody once again will search through their homes and bring donations to school.  It is a perfect time for spring cleaning! Donations will be collected in the hallway outside the elementary, middle and high school offices.  Look for the “Yard Sale Donation” sign.  Donations will be collected until Thursday, May 6.

For the past two years, the proceeds from the Yard Sale have paid for the salary of a teacher at the Lao Wang Orphanage in Anhui who offers lessons to disabled children who are unable to attend the local school.  The children in this orphanage count on the support of the SAS community.

For questions, please contact grade 11 student Andrea Ivarsson <> is a link to a fun site I stumbled upon this week and I think you would have fun checking out a few of the links of places you have been to and also making some plans about what you would like to see that you have not seen already. A task for you to blog about over the following weekend could be:

Task One: Add the link above to your own blog and tell the world about the places you have been. Choose three more (at least) of the places listed and post them to your blog; write (minimum of a paragraph) about why you want to go to each one and if you think you will get there one day.

Picture 1

Task Two: We are about to begin Phase Two of the Invention Convention where you will be taking a closer look at the Invention Process and challenging yourself to take on your own small invention experience. Over the May Holiday I would like you to start a new page on your blog titled Invention Convention and begin finding suitable websites that might aid you and your classmates in the invention process. Link to them on your new blog page; aim for at least 5 sites and boys and girls, we are going for quality NOT quantity!

Here is an example of the sort of site you might link to however I am sure you will agree, you are smarter than this, aim for something more appropriate for your age group. If you want something to really sink your teeth into; start exploring this little treasure!

3 comments to How many of these have YOU seen 5KP?

  • Did you get Kate DiCamillo’s website from me?

  • Remember when you said at the beginning of the school year that we would have this project where you present what you’re good at… will we do it???

  • Oh boy, this is gonna be a tough weekend, loads of homework, but I guess that’s what we get for taking 3 days off from school! Can’t wait for the fireworks tonight. Hope the streets are not too crowded.

    Nicole :D

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