The powerpoint of the LCM and GCF problems from class


Additional problems for extra practice:

1.Julie is using 5 cm bead and Mattie is using 3 cm beads, at how many cms will their strings first be of equal length?

2.Wanda has a watering schedule for her plants .  Her cacti get watered every 10 days while her begonias get watered every 3 days.  If she watered both sets  of plants today, in how many days will be the next time she has to water BOTH sets?

3.Hot dogs come in packages of  8 and buns come in packages of 12.  What is the least number of packages of each that should be bought so that there are an equal number of hot dogs and buns?  (Hint: this is a two step problem find LCM and then packages)

4.Two students are skating laps.  On the bigger rink one student skates 1 lap in six strides s while the student on the smaller rink skates a lap in 5 strides.  If they start at the same time,  in how many strides while they  both reach the starting place  with the same number of strides?

5.If Mary inspects every sixteenth calculator and Nancy inspects every thirty-sixth which calculator will be first be checked by both Mary and Nancy?